Transforming great ideas into
successful commercial ventures

Entrepreneurs can change the world.

We help turn their vision into great companies
that shape the future and improve quality of life.

Based in Niagara, Canada, Natacor provides business advisory services and capital to assist early stage companies in life sciences, health care, cleantech and related sectors to achieve commercial success.

We help entrepreneurs build great companies by making direct investments, mentoring and providing operational expertise along each stage of the journey.

Natacor guides companies along the path to commercialization

Our Investments

Natacor makes direct investments in companies and will co-invest with other venture funds.

We invest in high-growth companies with a focus on life sciences and health care technologies.

Investments are targeted to businesses led by visionary, impassioned entrepreneurs that exhibit passion, commitment, discipline and ultimately, a desire to grow.

We seek compelling technologies and disruptive ideas that can be built into exceptional businesses.

We Specialize In:


-Specialty pharmaceuticals

Medical Devices


-Molecular Diagnostics
-Biotechnology Tools

Medical Technology